Screendance Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Screendance at the University of Utah is an interdisciplinary collaboration between the Modern Dance Program and the Department of Film & Media Arts. This program provides professional level production courses with state-of-the-art equipment, as well as movement and theory classes. The Certificate requires a two-semester on-site commitment and can also be completed as an additional credential while pursuing a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Dance or in Film & Media Arts.

Screendance as both a practice and an area of theoretical discourse is burgeoning worldwide, as evidenced by the proliferation of Screendance festivals, symposia, conferences and publications. Also known as dance for camera, cine dance, and video dance, this exciting hybrid form, which in the past has been found at the margins of practice in the fields of dance and film, is now taking a central place as an independent art form. Through the advocacy of practitioners and scholars worldwide, the field of Screendance is articulating its richly intertwined art-historical roots as a means to understand present dance, film, digital media and art practices and how they intersect in a complex discourse of ideas about the body on screen.

For more information and program admissions, visit the School of Dance website.

For info about the 2018 Screendance Festival and Workshops, visit the Screendance Festival page.