Screen Performance Certificate


The Certificate in Screen Performance offers undergraduate students in both Film & Media Arts and Theatre an opportunity to extend their major program of study with focused training in screen performance. Required course topics include acting, directing, and film production with opportunities for students to choose electives in areas such as script analysis, screenwriting, and cinematography. Fostering opportunities for new student work and empowering students to continue their art in a self-directed fashion after graduation.

Admission to the certificate is open to undergraduate Film & Media Arts and Theatre majors who want to enhance their existing degrees with a concentrated course of study on the art and craft of performance for cinema, television, and digital media.

Certificate Requirements

Core Courses:

  • THEA1120 - Acting I (for Majors) (3)
  • FILM2500 - Introduction to Film Production (4)
  • THEA3240 - Acting on Camera for Actor Training Program (3)
  • FILM3530 - Directing (4)
  • FILM4860 - Advanced Film and Television Acting (4)
  • THEA1130 - Acting II (for Majors) (3)


Complete at least 1 of the following:

  • THEA1713 - Script Analysis (3)
  • THEA1240 - 1st-Year Movement for Actor Training Program (2)
  • THEA3110 - Beginning Stage Directing (3)

Complete at least 1 of the following:

  • FILM3570 - Digital Cinematography (4)
  • FILM3820 - Writing the Short Screenplay (4)
  • FILM3860 - Acting for TV and Film (4)

Total credits: 27-28