Film Teaching Licensure Option

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The Department of Film & Media Arts offers the option for interested students to learn the necessary in-depth knowledge of film in order to be a Kindergarten - Twelfth Grade film and media arts educator in the public school system.  If you are interested, please make an appointment to speak with a CFA academic advisor about this option.  

The purpose of the Film Teaching Licensure Option in the BA Program is to prepare elementary, junior high, middle school, and high school arts educators. Competent film and media arts teaching requires both in-depth knowledge of subject matter (film/media arts) and skill in applying educational concepts and principles that are developmentally appropriate. The College of Education’s Urban Institute for Teacher Education (UITE) oversees teacher licensure at the University of Utah. UITE is located in SAEC 2264. Note: Licensing is dictated by specific deadlines. Students pursuing an educator license should contact the UITE as soon as possible to learn about deadlines, background check requirements, and student teaching. You can do this by visiting or calling 801-581-6818. 

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College of Education Teacher Licensure Admission Requirements

Candidates for the licensure program are admitted on a rolling admissions basis. Complete applications must be received no later than February 1st prior to the anticipated licensure year. The application consists of:

  • Online Application
  • Statement of Professional Purpose
  • Transcripts
  • Three Letters of Recommendation
  • Praxis Scores (Must pass Praxis I for admittance into the College of Education Teacher Licensure Program)
  • Major/Minor Sign off forms
  • Background Check Clearance from the Utah State Board of Education

Background Check for Initial Licensure: In order to participate in any field-based course, including student teaching, student must pass a State and Federal background check (including fingerprinting) through the Utah State Board of Education. Background checks should be completed the first semester of full major status. Background checks are continuously monitored for 5 years before renewal is required. University of Utah must be listed as your institution of record when completing the background check process.

Required Utah Teaching Licensure Courses for Film/Visual Media Arts: 

  • ETHNC 2550 - Ethnic Studies ETHNC 2550 HF, 2560, 2570 HF, 2580 BF, or 2590 HF (choose one). Pre-requisite to ECS 2150.
  • ECS 2150 - Introduction to Multicultural Education DV
  • FCS 1500 - Human Development Across the Lifespan BF
  • SPED 2012 - Teaching Students with Disabilities in Inclusive Secondary Classrooms
  • FILM 2510 - Intro to Media Arts Production or FILM 1610 - Intro to Animation Techniques (takes the place of ED PS 5151 Educational Applications of Technology in Grades 6-12)
  • SPED 5022 - Principals of Instruction and Behavioral Support
  • EDU 5490 - Field Practicum: Secondary (Field: 9 hours a week. Student teaching time will be split between elementary and secondary schools.)
  • EDU - 5201 - Teaching Practices, Ethics, and Professional Development Online Course
  • EDU - 5491 - Professional Development & Teacher Research
  • EDU 5495 - Student Teaching - (Field: 12 weeks full-time. Student teaching time will be split between elementary and secondary schools.)

Total credits: 35

Required Classes for the Film Endorsement:

  • FILM 1110 - Intro to Film and Media Arts
  • FILM 2500 - Intro to Film Production
  • FILM 3110 - Film History from 1952 OR FILM 3120 - Film History until 1952
  • Production Elective in Film & Media Arts*
  • Post Production Elective in Film & Media Arts*
  • Film & Media Arts Capstone Project*
  • FILM 4230 - Film Teaching Methods

*please discuss your options for these requirements with a Fine Arts advisor

Total credits: 21