Paul Larsen

Associate Professor/Lecturer


B.S. from Brigham Young University 1971 in Political Philosophy and History. 
Most of Paul’s education in the field of film and screenwriting came from the practical experience he obtained while working for 15 years (1971-1986) as a professional screenwriter.  Although he was accepted into graduate school, Paul decided to work obtaining practical skills as a carpenter.  He worked for a number of years remodeling turn-of-the-century townhouses in Washington D.C. and at the same time began to teach himself the craft of screenwriting.  He gradually began to achieve success in New York and Hollywood, eventually obtaining an agent and a track record with major studios as a writer of well-crafted screenplays.  A number of his scripts were optioned by studios or movie stars and he was also hired to write original screenplays on commission.  During this time he joined the Writers Guild of American.  In 1988 his child was born with Downs Syndrome and Paul changed his focus to provide for this child’s special needs.  As a screenwriting teacher in the film program at B.Y.U., Paul found that he had a gift for teaching and mentoring university students.