Volunteers needed at the launch of a new study to examine gender-based violence targeting sexual and gender minority women in university contexts. It will examine how gender-based violence plays out in the lives of women, including sexual and gender minority women (e.g., lesbian, bisexual, transgender). If you have been a target or have witnessed such an event you are invited to participate.

Required Criteria:
(1) Identify as a woman, whether straight, lesbian, bisexual, and/or transgender,
(2) Be at least 18 years old,
(3) Be a current student, staff, or faculty member at the University of Utah.

Interested? Please go to this link to an anonymous online survey:
Participants can further help the study in a follow-up focus group if interested. Student respondents will be entered into an opportunity drawing to receive one of ten $50 gift cards to the University of Utah Campus Store.

Our Goal: To further our understanding of how gender-based violence targets women, including those identifying as a sexual or gender minority, in university contexts. Your participation will make an important contribution to identifying resilience and risk in our communities.

Questions? Contact us at: (801) 585-0835, or by email at


Charles Hoy-Ellis
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