Actuality Abroad’s Documentary Outreach is a four-week immersive workshop where aspiring filmmakers learn and practice the art of documentary storytelling. In 2022, we are headed to Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, to partner with ATEC - a grassroots changemaker working for local environmental and cultural preservation in order to tell stories that matter.

Join us and...

- get on-location documentary experience in Costa Rica with support and mentorship.
- take the opportunity to make practical progress in your filmmaking.
- leverage your passions to further the efforts of an important local changemaker.
- collaborate with a community of other traveling-filmmakers.

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Some backstory if you are curious…

Actuality Abroad (formerly Actuality Media) is a social enterprise that has been leading documentary study abroad & service learning programs since 2010. Our newish name reflects our expanded mission to widen the circle of learning-led travelers. More on that here.

We are only leading one Documentary Outreach in 2022. We anticipate that many students may not be ready to travel yet, so we have scaled back our programming. However, next summer we have the amazing opportunity to collaborate with the Costa Rican changemaker ATEC at a pivotal time in their work. Costa Rica is also on the forefront of safe post-pandemic tourism, and we anticipate it will be one of the best places to travel + learn by the time we arrive. So, we are getting back to telling stories that matter and hope some of your students may join us for the experience.

This is NOT voluntourism. We stand in staunch opposition to extractive “service” learning practices. All of our workshops are created in true partnership with the local community, guided by local leaders and aim to uplift the local residents as heroes of their own stories.


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