The Chronicle has been the independent student voice on campus since 1890!

They’re looking for passionate, dedicated people who are interested in joining the team! Position details are listed below.

Expectations & Duties:
Works with Chronicle leadership and contributors to plan and distribute video content (e.g. video journalism, animations, etc.)
Produce and edit video content for the Chronicle.
Reports to Managing Editor.
Dedicates 5–10 hours a week to video-based collaborative projects with Chronicle leadership and contributors.
Attends all appropriate team meetings and training opportunities.

Experience with video production.
Proficiency in using necessary equipment for video production.
– Proficiency in using video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro.
Excellent writing skills.
Familiarity with journalism and video production ties.
Experience with animation a plus.
Must be enrolled student progressing satisfactorily towards a degree.

*This is considered a student scholarship position and would be rewarded based on the dedication and experience of each candidate.

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Kody Carbone
Salt Lake City
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