Great films are rejected all the time from festivals. Why? Your guess is as good as ours because they never say. At Negative 8 we select films based on quality, and we give feedback on the films we don’t select. If it’s not selected based on schedule we give you an honorable mention by promoting your film’s trailer on the big screen. Speaking of which, don't forget that the event is at a Megaplex Theatre. If that’s not epic enough, you’ll feel like a celebrity when you step onto the red carpet in front of the event’s step and repeat. All those photos are done by a professional photographer and they are complementary to you and the cast and crew you bring along to celebrate your fine work. Now the biggest difference that is like no other festival experience is you have a voice in the ultimate prize. We have acclaimed judges for the subcategories but you, the audience and filmmakers, get to vote on the best film.
Come have the night of your life.

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Wylie Keele
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