The powerful student force that has represented the recent protests in Colombia, represents a new generation that resists and opens up the possibility of change; EUREKA upholds this force and advocates for the student who, from their passion, creates art to build a better country and support the collective memory and history, immortalizing a moment, an emotion or an idea, through film. As a student festival, we accept the responsibility of highlighting, sharing and spreading these contents that are so important to acknowledge the different realities and points of view around the world.

After five editions, EUREKA is one of the pioneer festivals in Colombia in exhibiting cinematographic projects created by students from all kinds of disciplines, from all over the world. We believe in the power of film as a cultural and transformational movement, so we open our door to any audiovisual proposal.

From may 28th to august 15th, 2021, we will receive, via the FESTHOME platform, short films made by students from Colombia and the rest of the world for our sixth edition, which will be held from october 12th to 19th, 2021.

This year we are willing to explore contents that show different realities from an emerging look, opening the door to different cultures and traditions, exposed by their own actors or by third parties; we will receive short films of all kind: fiction, documentary, animation and experimental; with topics such as LGBTIQ+, queer, afro; formats like art video, video essay, video installation and fashion films, provided that they are true to their genre. Projects such as commercials, web series or feature films won’t be accepted.

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