Celebrating the world culture with the power of 21!

A uniquely curated film festival, having 21 competition categories, being inaugurated on 21st May of the year ’21 focusing upon the unique cultural aspects of different countries.

Bringing to the world of film festivals, CultureCinema2021 debuts in the most unique way with its 21 categories including History, Music, Festivals, Art & Artisans, Architectural Heritage, Education, Social Practices, Travel & Tourism, Literature, Mythology, Biodiversity, Cultural Reforms, Attire & Ornaments, Food, Traditional Medicine, Cultural Taboos, Tribal Community, Diaspora Culture, Battles, Philosophy, and Traditional Sports in the competitive section.

CultureCinema2021 is a unique concept-based film festival that aims to attract passionate filmmakers from all over the world, who are working towards rare and distinctive subjects related to the cultural issues of their own countries and/or other countries.

This festival will be inaugurated on the UN-declared "World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development" falling upon 21st May 2021. United Nations has recognized the need to enhance the potential of culture as a means of achieving prosperity, sustainable development, and global peaceful coexistence.

Cinema can become the best platform to achieve these goals and efforts of filmmakers across the world who painstakingly invest their time in bringing out the best stories, on cultural issues. In line with this, our festival theme will be "Prosperity, Development & Peaceful Co-Existence via Cinema."

I am happy to invite you, your friends in the filmmaking fraternity, students, aspiring & established filmmakers though you connect to explore this wonderful opportunity in filmmaking.

Entries can be submitted through FilmFreeway by visiting:

Let’s celebrate the world cultures through cinema, this year 2021!


Praveen Nagda
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