“Good Luck Kitty” Casting Call

Summary: Tori, a Japanese American college student receives a Maneki Neko (Lucky Cat) from her grandmother. However, Tori mistreats her new gift, unraveling dehumanizing repercussions.

Genre: Horror Comedy

Character Descriptions:
Tori - (Female; 18-30) - Lead character. Born in America and practices American culture. Speaks no Japanese nor celebrates Japanese culture. Loves her mother, but is not close to her. She is lonely and easily stressed due to college. She is ignorant of her Japanese culture and puts no effort into understanding it. Dialogue contains profanity.

Sachie - (Female; Middle-Aged) Tori’s mother. Immigrated to the US as a young adult. She speaks fluent English but often miscommunicates with Tori due to their cultural differences. She acts as a translator for her mother and daughter. Must speak some Japanese.

Yui - (Female; 60 & up) Tori’s grandmother/Sachie’s Mother. A gentle, kind-hearted woman. Proud of her Japanese culture, she hopes her daughter and granddaughter will cherish their roots as she does. Must be fluent in Japanese.

Tori - $125/day [3 days of shooting anticipated + $50/for one screen test day]
Sachie - $65/ half day [1 half day of shooting anticipated]
Yui - $65/half day [1 half day of shooting anticipated]

Production Type: Student short film
Shooting Location: Salt Lake City (tentatively)
Director: Yein Ji

Tentative shooting dates: 2022 February 25th, 26th, & 27th.

Contact Yein Ji at with a headshot and resume if interested.
Auditions will be via video upload; instructions will be given via email.
Submit auditions by January 17th. Callbacks will be sent by Jan 21st.


Yein Ji
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