Multimedia and Afrofuturist artist Alisha Wormsley will be in residence in Salt Lake City October 16th - 22nd under the UMFA/JW Marriott Collections grant. Alisha and her collaborator Lisa Harris will be making a film in the Salt Flats using/inspired by materials from university collections. Unfortunately, their sound and recording collaborator is no longer able to make the trip.

They would welcome a student interested in film or Afrofuturism and/or who knows how to handle a camera to accompany them for several hours on Tuesday, October 19th. Transportation available, small stipend possible. Contact Prof. Crystal Rudds at for more information.

Below is Alisha's bio and website:

Alisha Wormsley creates stunning and technologically innovative installations that negotiate “collective memory, the synchronicity of time, and the stories of women of color.” Her multimedia work includes the award-winning Children of NAN archival film project, There Are Black People in the Future billboard collection, and afronaut film and performance series. Moreover, Wormsley has exhibited internationally at such museums as Art on the Bank in London, Studio XX in Montreal, the Houston Art League in Texas, Rush Art gallery in NY, and the Charles Wright museum in Detroit. Her latest work, Streaming Space, is a 24-foot pyramid with video and sound installed in Pittsburgh’s downtown Market Square.


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