The research intern is tasked with assisting in existing research projects housed in Digital Matters and/or pursuing their own independent project in the digital arts & humanities, broadly conceived. The intern may work on projects such as building cultural datasets, digital art/models, Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping, data curation and collection, generating web content, text mining research, or 3D modeling heritage sites. This position affords the intern knowledge in blending the arts/humanities and technology, software skills, and collaborative, project-based learning experiences.

Key duties included, but are not limited to the following:

• Learn how to input, clean, and structure data
• Learn new applications, programs
• Content management
• Independent and directed research
• Assist in building humanities/arts data collections
• Grant Writing

Desired Qualifications:

• Extremely self-motivated and willing to learn
• Familiarity with major software programs and applications
• Some knowledge of programming a plus
• Strong communication skills (oral and written)
• Ability to work independently or in a fast-paced team environment.
• Organized and efficient
• Creative

Intern Reports To:

Rebekah Cummings, Digital Matters Librarian
David Roh, Director

How to apply:
Submit an application via Handshake


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