Park City 360- Frost | Lindner Team at Summit Sotheby’s in Park City

Do you consider your phone an appendage? Are you a whiz at editing, filming and portraying the true art of storytelling? Are you a true ninja in the art of digital media, specifically social media and social video production?
Do you want to spend time at exciting ultra luxury events?

If so we have an unparalleled opportunity for you to join the top luxury real estate team in Park City. I know what you are thinking, real estate, sooo boring. But we are anything but! This Summer we will be partnering with luxury brands like Lamborghini and throwing unrivaled parties at 30M+ properties. We just need these documented and turned into the ultimate social media experience.

For more details give me a ring or message me @ParkCity360 on Instagram!

( is on the prowl for a SOCIAL VIDEO PRODUCER to join our award-winning team of digital dragoons. If you know social media like Trump knows a good spray tan, can cook up social videos that are shared faster than a STD at Coachella and you dig digital media, specifically social media and social video production, like a chubby kid digs sweat pants -then this position might fit you like a new pair of skinnys.
These digital story-tellers will assist in brainstorming, writing scripts, producing and posting social videos on client’s owned, earned and paid channels. -Think in Katniss Everdeen in Chucks armed to the teeth with a DSLR and a specced-out Mac Pro. Bonus points if you know the Electric Slide, Macarena or the Moon Walk -Friday afternoons can get a little weird.


Valen Lindner
Park City
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