Hello Interns,

My name is Isaac Acolatse and I’m one of the Head Coaches for a local Semi-Professional Soccer Team called Utah FC Spiders. We are looking for an intern or a team of interns who would be interested in documenting our team's journey throughout the season. We are committed players, team members and players with a very diverse background. With that being said the ability to speak Spanish would be helpful. Someone with a good understanding of how YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Google keyword and Twitter works would be great.

A little about Utah FC Spider's: Utah FC Spider is a semi-pro men’s soccer team operating under Utah Spider Sports Club and We Mentor You Inc. (WMY Inc.) a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing foreign aid to the deprived in Ghana, West Africa. We are competing in the United Premier Soccer League which is the largest pro-development league in North America.
Utah FC Spider has a mission to seek out unidentified or deprived soccer players and help them play on a professional platform to receive the recognition they deserve. We want to be the top sports training foundation in the world for not only our contributions to the local community and overseas support, but for our dedication to teamwork, ambition, respect, effort, and humility. The following are necessary elements we will need to develop high sports performance.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call me directly or email back here.


Isaac Acolatse
Head Coach
Utah FC Spiders


Isaac Acolatse
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