The Utah Black Chamber is developing plans for a Black Success Center in the heart of Salt Lake Valley and we want your help in
designing it.
The Center will be the economic development hub of Utah’s Black Community and will help grow black businesses and jobs. It will
provide resources and education for both professional and personal growth.
The Center will also serve as a facility to unite Utah’s Black Community, and any organization, club, or group will be able to congregate, socialize, or meet at the center.
Even though the space is built to serve the Black Community, the center welcomes everyone.
Entries are welcomed in all aspects of the Center’s design and decoration, and the competition will be judged in four categories:
architecture, interior design, artist/maker and storyteller. Submissions are due by December 1st, 2020. Only online submissions will
be accepted.
Each submission will be reviewed by our panel and you can expect to receive an email letting you know if you have been chosen as a
finalist. Finalist entries will be showcased on the website and the top ranked entry in each category will be awarded a $500 prize.

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Utah Black Chamber of Commerce
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