Mental Healthy F.i.T. (Films.ideas.Tips.) has partnered with Huntsman Mental Health Institute to expand creativity in mental health!

Mental health shouldn’t be a crisis in hiding. One in five Americans - over 65 million people - cope with mental health issues, and suicide is the leading cause of death in Utah for people age 10-34. But the stigma around mental health is as strong as ever. Mental health is one of the most ignored, downplayed and misunderstood challenges in America today. But you can help change that by sharing your story. Join us for another year of Healing Out Loud, a short film contest dedicated to normalizing mental health and encouraging all of us to hold more open and inclusive conversations.

If you are age 15-30 and live in Utah, we want to hear from you. Share your vision of Healing Out Loud in a short video. It can be anything: original music, dance, spoken word, art, poetry, or speech. The only requirement is to be creative and be yourself. Entries must be received by midnight on Friday, April 7, 2023. Winners will be announced in early May 2023.

2 categories:
A short, 30-second or less video, or
A little longer video, up to 5 minutes
What’s a contest without some great prizes? Winners will have a chance to win:
Apple products
Adobe software
Sports tickets & gear
Movie tickets
Contest swag
And more!
And Winning videos will also be featured during See It This Way in Salt Lake (May 3, May 17, May 31) and integrated into the statewide suicide prevention awareness marketing campaign.

Mental health is for everyone. The need for care, love and support is universal. Everyone needs it. It's time for us to lift our voices, share our stories and begin #HealingOutLoud.

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