January 17, 2018

Interview with F&MAD Alums; co-directors of Sundance Documentary Selection "Quiet Heroes"

We had the chance to talk with F&MAD Alums Amanda Stoddard and Jared Ruga about their new film "Quiet Heroes!" 

About the Film:
Quiet Heroes details one doctor’s fight against stigma, shame, and ignorance through the height of the HIV/AIDS crisis in the heartland of America’s west.

Amanda and Jared's advice to budding filmmakers:
"Do the work...Finish your projects, never leave anything hanging" And "...have as many experiences as possible while you're in school ... make relationships"

The world premiere is this Sunday, January 21st in Salt Lake. To see all the showtimes visit Sundance.org
Check out our instagram live interview, with F&MAD student Taylor Mott! Our favorite moment happens at 13:53 where Amanda and Jared share how they found out Quiet Heroes had been selected for Sundance.




Last modified on January 23, 2018