December 07, 2020

The Third Annual F&MAD Pitch Competition

Join us in celebrating the talented Film and Media Arts students who will be defending their film projects at the Third Edition of the F&MAD Pitch Competition. 

Our talented Film Production Capstone Class will be pitching on Tuesday, December 8th, 2020 their film projects to a panel of professional and celebrated international industry professionals. This nerve-racking competition will allow these young filmmakers to experience first-hand a real opportunity to articulately speak of their projects in a professional setting. The winners will receive cash prizes that will go towards the production of their films; set to begin principal photography in Spring 2021. 

Our panel of judges consists of a remarkable and internationally acclaimed group of artists with a diverse and rich experience within the Film and Media Arts, both nationally and abroad. Coming from Spain, Mexico, and the US, we are extremely honored to have these artists share their expertise and time with our students. 

Zeltia Montes 

Zeltia Montes is a Spanish Academy Award 'Goya' nominated composer for Best Original Song in 2016 and a two-time Jerry Goldsmith Award winner for Best Composer of the Year in 2008 and 2011. Zeltia composes music for film, TV and documentaries but is also passionate about songwriting, concert music, electronic music production and sound design experiments. Her film credits include the scores to the feature documentary Sad Hill Unearthed(2017, Tokyo International Film Festival, Santa Barbara International Film Festival, Sitges Film Festival) starring Clint Eastwood, Ennio Morricone and Joe Dante; the 2016 Spanish Academy Award 'Goya' winning documentaryFrágil Equilibrio (Delicate Balance); among many other accolades. 

Patrick Kennelly

Patrick Kennelly is a Los Angeles based director, editor, producer, and curator whose body of work spans film and video, theater, live events and the visual arts. He is the creator of the highly stylized and darkly surreal "raw pop" productions PATTY: The Revival, experimental South Sudanese doc 'ten minutes is two hours,' and the feature film EXCESS FLESH,  which toured the worldwide festival circuit in 2015 and is available on VOD/DVD. Essentially a horror film about food, it was called "the most twisted movie at SXSW—and of the year” by The Daily Beast. In addition to developing his own projects, Patrick serves as Artistic Director at renowned experimental arts center Highways Performance Space & Gallery, in its 31st year and Film Maudit 2.0, a festival of counter-cinema that he founded in 2019.

Eduardo Naranjo 

Films and live entertainment Producer. With his films he has participated in most important international film festivals, he also has worked with global brands producing series and brand content.

Maddy Mauer

Mads is a 2019 graduated from The University of Utah’s film department. She is set to move to Perth, Australia when their borders open back up to pursue her love of film and work under the guidance of Award-winning cinematographer and director, Ulrich-Stephan Krafzik. She’s aspiring to write and direct feature films, but in the meantime is commissioned for small freelance projects. 

The Capstone students will e-meet with the judges on Tuesday, when we will all learn who the 2020 Pitch Competition Award goes to. Stay tuned for more info! In the meantime, take a minute to learn about the projects being pitched (all in alphabetical order by first name) 

“Amour” by Adnan Kawser 
“The Second Closet” by Ali Akbari
“Comfy” by Andrew Brown
“Relinquisher”  by Barbara Calchera
“Osaru-Chan” by Duke Ross
“Hurricane” by Gabe Misla
“Dirthouse” by Justis Aderibigbe
“Replica” by Katie Beacom
“Runners” by Kevin Reese
“My Deerest Friend” by Leila Salari
“Day in the Life” by Sam Haertel
“Prayer” by Rahul Barkley
“Spillers” by Sara Kenrick 
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