November 06, 2020

Your Guide to F&MAD's Spring 2021 Undergraduate Courses

Are you trying to figure out which classes to register for next semester? See our comprehensive guide of classes below.

As a reminder:

  • IVC = Synchronous Online Instruction
  • Hybrid = Combination of In-Person and Asynchronous Online Instruction
  • IVC-Hybrid = Mixture of in-person and synchronous online interactive video modalities

FILM 1110: Film Festival Workshop

Brian Patrick | Online                     

Students learn about independent film festivals and festival programming, and apply this learning to critically reflect on films and other events they attend virtually during the 2021 Sundance Film Festival. 

FILM 1110: Introduction to Film

Andrew Patrick Nelson | IVC                             

Mo 6:00-6:50PM Section 003

Mo 6:00-6:50PM Section 004

Mo 7:00-7:50PM Section 005

Mo 7:00-7:50PM Section 006

Th 9:40-10:30AM Section 007

Th 9:40-10:30AM Section 008

Th 10:45-11:35AM Section 009

Th 10:45-11:35AM Section 010

An introduction to the study of motion pictures. Students examine through a range of critical lenses and are introduced to key concepts in the study of moving images, as well as a wide and engaging selection of narrative and non-narrative films from different countries and different periods in cinema’s history.

FILM 1600: Animation: Then/Now/Next

Craig Caldwell | Online

Introduction to the continuing evolution of animation. The course investigates not only the creative and technological innovations that expand cinematic storytelling (e.g., Mickey Mouse to VFX, Simpsons, Anime Games to VR), but also how the arts are an integral part of animation (i.e. sound/music, art/design, cinematography/editing, acting/theatrical lighting)

FILM 1610: Introduction to Animation Techniques

Jordan Boge | IVC

We 9:40-10:30AM Section 001

Stephanie Scott | IVC

Tu 9:40-10:30AM Section 002

This course presents an introduction to the fundamentals of animation and 2D computer animation techniques. The basic techniques of Photoshop (digital imaging), Aftereffects (digital motion graphics), and Flash (multimedia) will be introduced as the means to produce 2D animated images.

FILM 2240: Topics in Diversity in Film: Celebrity

Sarah Sinwell | IVC

Tu 6:00-10:00PM

This course examines how celebrity is represented in relation to various aspects of social identity, particularly gender, sexuality, race, class, ethnicity, nationality, age, and dis/ability.

FILM 2500: Introduction to Film Production

Sonia Albert Sobrino | In Person

Mo 12:55-2:50PM Section 001

Tu 9:10-11:35AM Section 002

We 10:45AM-12:40PM Section 003

Mo 6:00-8:00PM Section 004        

Introduction to basic film-making techniques using dramatic and documentary forms.

FILM 2510: Introduction to Media Arts Production

Ha Na Lee | Hybrid

TuTh 9:10-11:35AM

This course introduces basic media arts production techniques. The course develops students' knowledge of the media arts, while fostering a creative environment in which students produce various types of media arts content.

FILM 2630: Introduction to Traditional Animation

Michael Edwards | IVC Hybrid

MoWe 12:55-2:50PM

In this introductory production course, students explore various traditional animation techniques, such as line animation, cel animation and claymation.

FILM 2650: Storyboarding

Craig Caldwell | Hybrid

We 2:00-5:00PM

Introduction to storyboarding, planning, and basics of story structure. Integration of concepts such as shot types, continuity, pacing, transitions and sequencing into a visual narrative. Exploration of cinematic vocabulary and storyboard technique in the creation of both personal and professional expression.

FILM 3120: Film History from 1952

Sarah Sinwell | Online

A survey of major developments in international film and media history from 1952 to the present, examining the aesthetic, economic, cultural, and technological dimensions of moving images.

FILM 3160: Animation Film History

Brian Patrick | Online

A critical and historical analysis of animated film that focuses on techniques, styles, and theories through lecture, discussion, and the viewing of film selections. 

FILM 3420: Sound for Film

Emelie Mahdavian | In Person

We 6:00-10:00PM

Prerequisite: FILM 2500

This course will address the aesthetics and techniques of constructing good quality audio tracts for both film and video. It will examine sound as its own aesthetic medium, how it complements the visual and how it works as a counterpoint to the image on screen. Topics covered will include location recording, foley technique, and automatic dialog replacement.

FILM 3520: Documentary and Social Justice

Paloma Martinez | In Person

MoWe 8:35-10:30AM

This class explores the nature of advocacy documentary, how filmmakers address social issues, and how the medium can give voice to people often unseen and unheard. The course combines critical viewing skills with practical production techniques. Students learn through community engagement, partnering with non-profit community organizations committed to social justice and social change to create a short documentary. 

FILM 3560: Grip and Lighting

Miriam Albert Sobrino | Hybrid

TuTh 10:45AM-1:45PM

Prerequisite: FILM 2500

This course explores the roles of grip and lighting for feature film, commercial, and theater applications. 

FILM 3570: Digital Cinematography

Sonia Albert Sobrino | Hybrid

ThTh 7:00-9:00PM

Prerequisite: FILM 2500

The principal aim of this course is to acquaint students with the necessary skills to work with ultra-high definition formats. Students will complete projects using high definition cameras and understand the post-production workflow using high definition electronic files.

FILM 3620: Computer Animation II

Lien Fan Shen | IVC

MoWe 9:40-11:35AM

Prerequisite: FILM 2620

This course is designed for students who seek an understanding of Maya character animation. Beginning with story development and character design, students will learn character modeling, shading, rigging, and animation by using the 3D animation software Maya. Focusing on students' individual projects, this course includes lectures about fundamental concepts of character animation, hands-on lab demonstrations, course discussions about animation theory, and studio critiques.

FILM 3630: Traditional Animation II

Steve Pecchia-Bekkum | Hybrid

MoWe 3:05-5:00PM

Prerequisite: FILM 2630

The student will shoot, utilizing the techniques mastered in Traditional Animation I, a two- to three-minute animation, with a storyline, that will be shot on 16mm film, and will be finished either as a film print or as a high definition video.

FILM 3640: Exploring Movement Through Animation

Michael Edwards | Hybrid IVC

MoWe 10:45AM-12:40PM

Prerequisite: FILM 1610 with a grade of C or better

This studio course presents an advanced exploration of animation principles and techniques. By the end of the course students will be able to: Demonstrate clear understanding of the 12 Principles of Animation; achieve the illusion of weight and express distinct emotions through movement; learn how to animate using Toon Boom software; create a festival-ready animated short film.

FILM 3820: Writing the Short Screenplay

Connie Wilkerson | IVC

MoWe 3:05-5:00PM Section 001

Steven Pecchia-Bekkum | IVC

ThTu 9:10-11:35AM Section 002  

This course provides instruction on the practical aspects of writing scripts for short films. 

FILM 3945: Special Topics: Experimental Media Production

Ali Akbari | Hybrid IVC

MoWe 12:55-2:50PM

This production course will provide an overview of some of the major artistic trends in experimental film history as a foundation for developing an informed personal experimental filmmaking practice that is personal and free from established conventions.

FILM 3945: Special Topics: Remix Culture and Practice

Paloma Martinez | Hybrid

Th 12:25-2:50PM

FILM 3945: Special Topics: Immersive Media

Ha Na Lee | Hybrid

TuTh 12:55-2:50PM

Prerequisite: permission of instructor

Immersive media is an interdisciplinary class that provides students with the opportunity to learn how to create and explore immersive storytelling in various platforms, such as 360 videos, VR/AR, and the web. Students get a hands-on learning experience in volumetric filming, photogrammetry creation, 2D/3D interactive engines in Unity. The class is designed to experiment with emerging technologies and applications for immersive media creation. By the end of the course, students will exhibit their projects. 

FILM 4165: Contemporary Animation

Steven Pecchia-Bekkum | Online

This course surveys five animated television shows: The Simpsons, South Park, Family Guy, Futurama, and Rick and Morty. Several issues, including but not limited to, family, death, politics, religion, and sexual and ethnic identity are critically examined in the context of these animations.

FILM 4580: Producing the Independent Film

Emelie Mahdavian | Hybrid

Tu 12:25-1:45PM

Prerequisite: FILM 2500 with a grade of B or better

Students in this course will gain a broad understanding of the business of the film industry, including how independent film producers secure financing and distribute their work in a professional context. Students will also learn essential production management skills such as budgeting and scheduling, will practice developing fundraising materials and distribution strategies for their projects, and come to understand what is required to transform a script into a funded and distributed film.

FILM 4590: Directing the Independent Film

Trent Harris | In Person

MoWe 12:55-2:50PM

Prerequisite: FILM 2500 with a grade of B or better

Students in this course complete a short film project.  Students are expected to have a project in development prior to taking this class.

FILM 4820/30/40: Screenwriting I/II/III

Paul Larsen | IVC

TuWeTh 6:00-10PM

Prerequisite: permission of instructor 

Development and revision of a narrative screenplay. Course addresses script format, character development, dramatic construction, dialogue, and other storytelling skills.

FILM 4960: Collaborative Animation Production Project

Lien Fan Shen | In Person

Mo 3:05-7:00PM

Prerequisite: FILM 1610

This is an advanced-level course, which requires students to work on collaborative animation projects, advancing animation techniques as well as progressing their ability in collaboration and teamwork in animation production. This course is counted as the Capstone Course for students in Animation Emphasis. It is recommended that students have completed two of FILM 2650, FILM 2620, and FILM 2630 before enrolling in this course.

FILM 5570: Film Production Capstone II

Miriam Albert Sobrino, Sonia Albert Sobrino | In Person

TuTh 3:40-5:50PM

Prerequisite: FILM 5560

This course is designed to teach the skills necessary to produce and direct the low-budget independent short film, both narrative and documentary. This semester will focus on production and post-production.

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