November 11, 2019

Rough Cut Roundup: November Edition

Rough Cut Roundup is a monthly Q&A series featuring the Department of Film & Media Arts community. 

What is a piece of media that has inspired you lately?

Miriam Albert-Sobrino, Assistant Professor

Milla Jovovich’s piece for LOVE Magazine, directed by photographer Drew Jarrett. In the film, Jovovich recites Maya Angelou’s poem “Phenomenal Women." Her performance, both voice and visual, enhances an already very powerful message. 

Sonia Albert-Sobrino, Assistant Professor

I recently played again the video game Inside by Playdead. Inside perfectly blends the elements of an outstanding art-house film with an immersive interactive experience. Available on phones and major video-game platforms, this work continues to inspire me to create stories that seek to challenge the audience while honoring more artistic approaches to interactive narratives. 

Matthew Bettencourt, MFA Student and Teaching Assistant

I was really entranced by The Lighthouse (2019) and its use of black-and-white 35mm film and 1.19:1 aspect ratio. It gives the whole film a mysterious and archaic quality that effectively matches the story.

Jordan Boge, MFA Student and Instructor

In the new season of This is Us currently airing on NBC, one of the central characters Tess Pearson is navigating her sexuality. There is a moment in a recent episode where she opens up to her parents about some of the difficulty she is facing around telling her friends that she is gay. I found this to be such an important, powerful, honest, and raw moment in television. It gave me hope for the future of queer intersectional representation in mainstreams shows, especially on a major network like NBC. Progress is slow, but it is moving in the right direction.

Michael Edwards, Assistant Professor

I find the Shape Trilogy inspiring. These are three relatively recent children’s books by Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen (the last one, Circle, was published earlier this year). Each one is a poignant discussion of friendship, art, and the unknown.

Lien Fan Shen, Associate Professor

I didn’t know anything about K-pop and Korean boy band until I started teaching on U Asia Campus. Now, I am very intrigued by K-pop as an example of transnational/transcultural media and media convergence. One of my animation students made an animated short about BTS; another one performed boy band dance in a Music Festival event (it was a bit surprising when he came to my early morning class next day). My Canadian friend’s son is collecting BT21 merchandise. It seems that everyone knows and loves BTS. I asked a Korean friend why she likes them. She said that utilizing social media network is their biggest strength, especially during their early stage of career. Their music is socially conscious and critical, reflecting youth’s struggles in South Korean society. Most importantly, she said, “you should watch their dance practice videos.” So I did. A few. I think I am getting it. 

Chris Lippard, Associate Professor

It’s been a challenging month so for reassurance, calmness, my thoughts turn to Ozu and especially his unmotivated pans like the one behind the book case in the doctor’s office in Early Summer.

Merritt Mecham, Program Assistant

I can’t get HBO’s Barry out of my head. It is fantastic on many levels, but I found two shots particularly arresting. First, the surveillance-like pans in the opening of S2E5, “ronny/lily.” Second, Barry’s escape into darkness in the season 2 finale, “berkman > block.” 

Peter Schafer, MFA Student and Instructor

The final trailer for Rise of Skywalker. I love the editing match cut at the beginning. I'm always excited to see Abram's movies because of his editing team and a type of emotional intensity present in close-ups. I'm on board! It makes me want to direct more. 

Sarah Sinwell, Assistant Professor

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about Phoebe Waller-Bridge's Fleabag. Her use of point-of-view, particularly in season 2, is spectacular. I can't wait to see what she does with her next project!

Last modified on November 13, 2019